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Pine veneer rotary peeling machine

09 Oct,2020

Pine is the raw material used in plywood production in many areas. Because of its fast response to atmospheric temperature, easy swelling and difficult natural air drying, pine needs to be treated manually, such as drying, degreasing, removing organic compounds, bleaching, unifying tree color, neutralizing tree property, so as to make it not easy to deform. When used to produce plywood, veneers need to be spun first. The rotary peeling machine produced by Linyi Guoyu Machinery Co., Ltd. is optimized according to the characteristics of pine, which can produce pine veneer very well.

Pine veneer rotary peeling machine

Pine Venner peeling machine Paramters:

Parameter name Paramter Value
 Maximum processing length  1300mm
 Maximum machining diameter  ¢550
 Minimum residual diameter  φ28
 Rotary peeling speed  45m/min
 Rotary peeling thickness  0.8-3.5mm
 Roller Diamter  φ125
 Total weight  3800kg
 Dimensions  4500*2100*1500mm

These products belong to heavy industry models, which generally need to be customized to meet the needs of manufacturers. It is recommended to contact our marketing personnel for corresponding consultation.

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