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4ft poplar veneer peeeling machine

30 Nov,2019

Poplar is a raw material for producing plywood in many countries and regions. The toughness of poplar wood is strong. According to the characteristics of the main timber, Linyi Guoyu Machinery Co., Ltd. supplies poplar veneer rotary peeling machine, allowing veneer processing enterprises and plywood processing enterprises The quality of the veneer produced is higher and faster.



More Paramters


Name Unit Parameter
Length of peeling log mm 970mm-1270mm-1300mm
Maxi peeling log diameter mm 500mm
Left core diameter mm 30mm
Peeling Thickness Range mm 0.3mm-4.0mm
Peeling output speed m/min constant speed45/52/62m
Roll Power     KW Double roller Motor:7.5KW
Single roller Motor:7.5KW
Feed Motor:7.5KW AC Motor
Shear Motor:1.5KW AC Motor
Cot Motor:1.5KW AC Motor
Reducer Model BWD Cycloid reducer
Size mm 4300mm*1700mm*1600mm
Weight KG 4200KGS
Production Efficiency    8 hours  eucalyputs 1.7mm:40CBM
eucalyputs 2.2mm:50CBM
eucalyputs 3.0mm:65CBM
eucalyputs 3.6mm:80CBM

The poplar veneer rotary cutting machine has favorable price, large demand for products, can work for a long time, high operating efficiency, and can supply veneer raw materials to multiple plywood production lines of plywood enterprises. Linyi Guoyu Machinery Co., Ltd. promises to guarantee 4ft poplar veneer peeeling machine product quality.
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