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4 feet 80M/MIN high speed veneer peeling machine

21 Dec,2019

The high-speed non card rotary cutting machine is produced and processed with high-quality steel. The product quality is reliable, especially the blade of the rotary cutting machine, which is hard and sharp, not easy to be damaged, and can maintain long-term operation. The workers work in three shifts to effectively improve production efficiency.

4 feet 80M/MIN high speed card less veneer peeling machine

Linyi Guoyu Machinery Co., Ltd. provides installation, operation and maintenance technical know-how services for the machinery, so that the veneer production enterprises or plywood production enterprises have no worries, and can safely carry out production and save the labor cost of plywood enterprises.

plywood machine paramters

4 feet 8M/MIN high speed card less veneer peeling machine Parameters
Max Log Length 1400mm
Max Log Diameter 500mm
Min core Log 28mm
Veneer Thickness 0.5-4.0mm
Total Power 42kw
Machine Size 4200*2300*1600mm
Machine Weight 6500kg

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