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high speed veneer cutting machine

21 Aug,2020

The veneer cutting machine developed by Guoyu machinery is a very good plywood machine with advanced technology and few faults.

CNC card free rotary cutting machine is a kind of equipment that can cut the remaining wood cores of the artificial straightened log or the family of card machines into veneers. The device is fixed by two rollers, and the cutter body base moves along the parallel guide rail. At the same time, the cutter body base moves in the horizontal direction through two feed screws. With the advanced numerical control system, the feeding speed can be calculated dynamically according to the current parameters such as the diameter of the veneer, the rotation speed of the friction roller, and the thickness of the veneer required by the user, so as to achieve uniform thickness. At the same time, the knife body seat is fixed with a structure which can automatically adjust the distance between the single roll and the rotary cutter (knife gap automatic adjustment function).

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