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Rosewood veener peeling machine

28 Jul,2023

Rosewood veener peeling machine
  • Product:Rosewood veener peeling machine
  • Alias:veener peeling machine
  • Brand:Guoyu
  • Manufacturer:Linyi Guoyu Machinery Co., Ltd
  • Purpose:Rotary cutting veneer
  • Price:Consulting customer service
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In many countries and regions, rosewood is used as the raw material for plywood production. The rosewood wood has beautiful patterns, hard materials, and durability. It is used for valuable furniture and arts and crafts. Rosewood is a kind of tropical leguminous sandalwood wood, mainly produced in India. It is also produced in Guangdong, Yunnan and the Nanyang Islands of China, and is a common valuable hardwood. It is precisely because of the high hardness of this wood that the requirements for the blade and machinery of the rosewood peeling machine are raised.

Rosewood veener peeling machine

The rosewood peeling machine developed and produced by Linyi Guoyu Machinery Co., Ltd. uses materials with excellent hardness and toughness to produce and process the peeling machine that is especially suitable for many kinds of woods, such as rosewood and poplar. No need for repeated investment, saving costs for enterprises.

Users can customize the mahogany peeling machine according to their own needs, and select the equipment that is suitable for their own raw materials, so as to better ensure that the veneer thickness produced by peeling is uniform and the machine can produce stably for a long time.

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