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4ft hardwood veneer rotary peeling machine

26 Nov,2019

Hardwood veneer rotary peeling machine is a kind of machine which is converted into hardwood material rotary cutting design. This machine can process hardwood veneer with high quality and even thickness. It is a veneer rotary cutting machine with very high quality in veneer processing machinery.

hardwood veneer rotary machine

More Paramters

Name Unit Parameter
Length of peeling log mm 970mm-1270mm-1300mm
Maxi peeling log diameter mm 500mm
Left core diameter mm 30mm
Peeling Thickness Range mm 0.8mm-8.0mm
Peeling output speed m/min constant speed60m、Adjust speed 60m-120m
Roll Power KW Double roller Motor:11KW
Single roller Motor:5.5KW*2
Feed Motor:11KW Servo Motor
Shear Motor:2.2KW Servo Motor
Cot Motor:2.2KW AC Motor
Reducer Model R87 Helical gear reducer
Size mm 4300mm*1700mm*1600mm
Weight KG 6000KGS
Production Efficiency 8 hours eucalyputs 1.7mm:50CBM
eucalyputs 2.2mm:60CBM
eucalyputs 3.6mm:90CBM
eucalyputs 6.0mm:120CBM

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