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Plywood machinery veneer peeling machine cost in India

25 May,2020


4ft heavy duty peeling machines with servo motors

Veneer Peeling thickness 0.8-4.0mm
Veneer output speed 30-90m/Min
Power of double roller motor 7.5kw*2 PCS(Siemens)
Power of single roller motor 7.5kw*1 PC(Siemens)
Power of feeding motor 11kw*1(servo motor)
Power of clipper motor 3.7kw*1(servo motor)
Total power 44.7kw
Roller reducer R87 Helical gear reducer
Diameter of single/double roller 150mm
Min.Last core diameter 24mm
iron board 4.0mm
Diameter of lead screw 94mm
Knife fixing bolt thickness 24mm
Total weight 6.4T

The main features of this model 

1.the main iron frame used with 4.0mm thickness iron boad,the total weight of machine is above 6.4T to make sure machine is stable on process of working

2.the single and double rollers all under plating process to make sure it's hard and durable.


3.the 24mm bolt,the machines connected with 24mm bolt tightly,avoid getting loose on process of long time working.

4.the auto-oil systme for machines,no need workers to add oils time by time.

5.the diameter of feeding lead screw is 94mm,bigger than normal.the machines can be used for at least 7 years.

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