Some safety requirements for using a veneer rotary peeling machine

When the machine is in operation, there is a certain danger, so the operation of the machine must follow certain principles. Rotary cutting machine is a necessary machine for wood processing. Although most of the machines sold on the market are highly automated, it does not mean that the machine has no precautions for operation.

veneer rotary peeling machine

Then in order to ensure the normal use and safety of the veneer rotary peeling machine, basic maintenance of the equipment is required, then we will briefly understand. Before the equipment is used, the operator should check whether all safety facilities are working properly and check whether the equipment has obvious defects. Before starting the equipment, ensure that all components are installed correctly, no parts are damaged, and the electrical keyboard and functions are clearly understood and familiar. use.

 Secondly, it is necessary to check the veneer rotary peeling machine regularly to ensure the stability and safety of the equipment. It should be checked according to the following frequencies: the new equipment should be lubricated before the test, such as the guide shaft, the hanging wheel frame, the clutch gear, the roller shaft and so on. The guide shaft, the hanging wheel frame, the clutch gear, the roller shaft, etc. should be lubricated frequently for the new machine; after the equipment is operated for 200 hours, the lubricating parts are lubricated twice every 8 hours.

For the normal maintenance of the single-plate rotary cutting machine, we have to divide into the front, middle and rear parts, which are before, during, and after power-off. Every part has something to pay attention to, and I hope that you can strictly abide by it.