Optimization design and improvement of wood chip dryer

Optimization design and improvement of wood chip dryer we mainly adopt the following measures:

Optimization design and improvement of wood chip dryer

1. Improvement of air distribution structure of drying oven: the temperature uniformity of drying oven mainly depends on the air distribution structure. Drying oven generally uses a single air duct structure to organize air flow, mainly from the centrifugal fan system. In this structure, the planning of the centrifuge shell and the guide plate is the key to determine the index. Therefore, we must strictly in accordance with the Archimedes spiral principle of the spiral case for re planning. Thus, the air flow at the outlet of the volute is evenly blown through the heater to ensure the uniform air supply. In addition, we have improved the outlet and outlet of the air deflector to increase the air volume at the outlet as much as possible, and increase the air pressure and wind speed at the same time. Make the air flow circulate evenly in the workroom.

2. Determine the orientation of the heater: whether the heat announced by the heater can enter the working room evenly through the air flow is the key to ensure the temperature uniformity in the box type studio.

3. Improve the sample rack: the airflow structure of single air duct is destined to pass through the sample rack. Generally, the drying oven has at least two shelves, or even more special requirements. In the past, shelves were pressed and bent. However, in order to ensure its strength, the hole size density of the shelf should not be too large, which leads to excessive resistance of air circulation and affects the uniformity of temperature from the outside. We solved the problem by changing the shelf into a steel wire structure.

4. The temperature of the heating box was improved.