Product features of veneer with card and rotary cutting machine

The perfect embodiment of the diversified functions in the rotary cutting and shearing machine.

The veneer card rotary cutting machine adopts modern advanced microelectronic technology and microcomputer control. Users can set the thickness of veneer by themselves according to their needs, which is more convenient, with advanced applicable performance, stable quality, reliable energy saving and simple operation and maintenance. The equipment processing is highly automatic, reducing the auxiliary processing time and improving the production efficiency.

Product features of veneer with card and rotary cutting machine

According to the set cutting thickness and the outside diameter of the log, the system can automatically change the speed of feeding to ensure the processing quality of the veneer. The operation panel has powerful display function, simple operation, manual and automatic selection at will. The thickness of veneer is 0.25mm-5mm, and the diameter of core is Φ 27mm-Φ 400.

It is suitable for small-diameter wood and wood core veneer. It can rotate and cut automatically, with high speed. 2-3 people can be saved. The size of veneer can be set and changed at will. The veneer can be produced automatically with card veneer cutter. Main technical parameters: large rotary cutting length 1400, single plate thickness 0.25mm-4.2mm, large rotary cutting diameter 400, small diameter 27 after rotary cutting, this machine has CNC y-130yt type, CNC y-260yt type.

A general development trend of wood machinery and other machines is the integrated use of functions. The integration of functions has obvious advantages, and labor saving is only a small aspect. The comprehensive utilization, efficient utilization and efficient integration of resources are the great advantage orientation of industrial development.

Whether we can keep up with the pace of the times is a decisive opportunity for product development. In this information age, we are more eager for efficient resource utilization and integration. To a certain extent, the development of veneer rotary cutting machine has greatly accelerated the process of industrialization and the improvement of efficiency. Looking forward to the intensified development of more obvious competitive advantages in the same industry.