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Hot press manufacturer tells you how to choose plywood machine hot press

14 Jul,2020

With more and more hot press applications in various industries, plywood machine hot press manufacturers are facing more and more competitive pressure. Although the hot press production line is very many, but most are the same, then how should we choose multilayer hot press?

Hot press manufacturer tells you how to choose plywood machine hot press

The single-layer press has short opening and closing time and feeding time, which is especially suitable for the veneering of small workpieces. When the small workpieces with double-sided veneer are loaded, the lower surface will contact with the high-temperature pressing plate for a long time, which will solidify the adhesive part, affect the bonding effect, and may produce bubbling and delamination. The multi-layer press is suitable for large-scale and whole board veneering construction, and is suitable for double-sided gluing machine Therefore, it is recommended to use single-layer hot press if small workpieces are mainly used for a long time, and multi-layer hot press is recommended for large workpieces.

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Hot press manufacturer tells you how to choose plywood machine hot press
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