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Rules for using veneer with card rotary cutting machine

18 Jul,2020

To a great extent, the use of plywood solves the problem of wood resource shortage in China. The use of plywood has been paid more and more attention. In the production process of plywood, veneer card rotary cutting machine as one of the main equipment, its function can not be ignored, to a certain extent, the rotary cutting and shearing machine even determines the quality of plywood.

Rules for using veneer with card rotary cutting machine

The operator of the equipment shall be trained in the operation of professional machinery and basic electrical appliances and be in good health. It is not allowed to operate, maintain and repair the equipment by drinking, taking drugs or similar conditions. Before using the equipment, the operator shall check whether all facilities are working normally and check whether the equipment has obvious defects.

Before starting the veneer cutting machine with card, ensure that all parts are installed correctly without damage. Understand and clear the keyboard and functions of electrical appliances and be familiar with the use. All utensils irrelevant to the equipment should be removed from the equipment. When the veneer is cut to the later stage, small wooden shafts or other objects should be used to knock out the remaining wooden shafts. It is strictly forbidden to touch the wooden shafts by hand.

Check the travel switch of feeding station regularly to ensure that it works well, so as to avoid collision and damage to the equipment; do not change the equipment for other purposes. These requirements are the basic principles to be followed in the process of using the rotary cutting shear machine. Only by keeping these principles firmly in mind can the operators ensure production and be responsible for themselves and others.

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