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The biggest attraction of plywood machinery and equipment

02 Jul,2020

The biggest characteristic of plywood machinery is the use of hydraulic feed mechanism, which can move and retract the knife quickly, and the feed pressure can be adjusted and displayed to adapt to the peeling and rounding of different wood.

The biggest attraction of plywood machinery and equipment

Plywood machinery adopts hydraulic power station, scientific and reasonable configuration, manual self reset directional valve, quick response, simple operation, convenient maintenance, and low technical requirements for operators. The technical requirements of plywood machinery to workers are not high. One veneer rotary cutter can supply two rotary cutters to work normally, and the original manual peeling and rounding procedures can be saved, and 5-6 manpower can be saved. Therefore, it is easy to get started, the training period is short, the study time can be shortened, and the work can be carried out at any time, bringing economic benefits.

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The biggest attraction of plywood machinery and equipment
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