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Rotary veneer dryer saves drying capacity

31 Jul,2020

Rotary veneer dryer is specially designed for the boring of sawdust, small sawdust and veneer. It has the characteristics of large amount of boring, significant energy saving effect and low maintenance. It is mainly composed of air heater, feeder, air drying pipe, cyclone separator and electric fan. Working principle: the sawdust enters the sawdust dryer, and the nozzle and rotary cylinder work together. The material is boiled and fluidized in a cylinder and heated air is brought into contact to complete the dryness. Special hot air (steam) drying equipment for wood can dry all kinds of trees, all kinds of specifications and all kinds of uses. It has the advantages of energy saving, reliability, short drying cycle, good quality and low cost. It is especially suitable for large, medium and small wood processing enterprises suitable for export of wood products. HXM series wood drying equipment, in normal operation, the fuel is burned in the incineration room to generate heat energy, which is absorbed by the dry medium in the drying system, and the temperature is about 180 ℃. Under this action, the high-temperature air flow will send the high-temperature hot air to the drying room, and the dry wood will pass through the control system and the conveying system.

Rotary veneer dryer saves drying capacity

The average processing cost of veneer dryer is about 5000 yuan / ton, which increases the operating cost of the enterprise. It can be understood that the traditional sludge drying treatment techniques used in chemical plants mainly include steam eruption boring, thin layer drying and blade drying. Using the drying technology of urban sludge, the sludge oil removal process is added, and the dehydration and dryness are carried out in the dryer. However, landfill, degreasing and boring methods cannot meet the increasing environmental requirements. In addition, the dry process of oily sludge is faced with many kinds of sludge and large differences in physical properties, which requires a wide range of treatment skills and equipment adaptability; the oil and gas generated in the treatment process will affect the operation of the equipment, and the oil, dust and malodorous tail gas generated in the drying process are difficult to deal with. Therefore, the development of dry equipment suitable for oily sludge treatment in petrochemical plants, reducing sludge volume, transportation volume and landfill volume, and reducing the cost of hazardous waste treatment will become a broad market.

Hope the above information about rotary veneer dryer saving drying capacity can help you, thank you.

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