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How to distinguish between card and non card veneer peeling machine? What are their advantages?

17 Sep,2020

The card  veneer peeling machine is a kind of traditional machinery originally invented. There is a clamping core in the machine. If the card core is smaller than a certain diameter, the  veneer peeling machine can not rotate. But we often have to cut wood with smaller diameter, so this kind of  veneer peeling machine has great limitations. And this kind of  veneer peeling machine often appears the phenomenon of knife jumping, which leads to the thickness of the board is large, and the utilization rate of wood is low. In order to realize the saving of wood and improve the utilization rate, the paperless  veneer peeling machine is invented. It can cut the log with smaller diameter into veneer, and the utilization rate of wood is greatly improved. Moreover, the mechanical cutting system is very flexible, which further improves the degree of automation.

How to distinguish between card and non card veneer peeling machine? What are their advantages?

First of all, the card  veneer peeling machine is suitable for large diameter wood, and non card use is used for small diameter wood. It refers to that the  veneer peeling machine is used to fix the wood by using two clamping heads to clamp the cross sections at both ends of the wood to make the wood rotate without clamping head, and the way to make the wood rotate is to rotate the wood by three extrusion rolls at the same time, so as to meet the working requirements.

The stuck  veneer peeling machine is a kind of  veneer peeling machine which is used to clamp the two ends of the wood and then carry out the  veneer peeling. The diameter of the clamping head of the  veneer peeling machine is generally about 100 mm, which will lead to the ineffective use of wood cores within 100 mm. In the increasingly tense wood resources, these wood cores are very considerable. A kind of  veneer peeling machine without clamping head for  veneer peeling residual wood core came into being, which was mainly used for cutting small diameter wood or residual wood core with sticking. The advantage of this  veneer peeling machine is the high utilization rate of wood. However, compared with the  veneer peeling machine with card, there are many shortcomings. The biggest disadvantage of this kind of  veneer peeling machine is its poor accuracy and high failure rate.

The card free rotary cutter can not only cut the remaining wood core of the  veneer peeling machine into veneers, but also cut the small diameter wood into veneers, which improves the utilization rate of wood. The system is more flexible and the degree of automation is further improved. It can accurately control the moving speed of the rotary cutter to control the thickness of the  veneer peeling plate. The system is easy to operate, and the veneer flow is smooth and the peeling accuracy is high.

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