Veneer plywood processing equipment woodworking machinery

Because the heating and curing of the glue are completed in the pressure maintaining stage, the rapid closing of the hydraulic system of the hot press in Taixing Machinery Factory is beneficial to the process and efficiency. It can not only reduce the heating of the slab under non pressure, but also prevent the pre curing of the glue, reduce the veneer quality, and shorten the auxiliary time, Improve the productivity of hot press. Therefore, the stability of quick closing and holding pressure is also an important performance index of a good hot press hydraulic system.

Veneer plywood processing equipment woodworking machinery

Preparation for operation of hot press

1. The heat transfer oil pressure can meet the process requirements and keep supply;

2. Clean the upper and lower surface of the backing plate and the upper surface of the hot pressing plate;

3. The pressure of accumulator is normal and the oil level of oil tank is normal;

4. All transmission parts are well lubricated, running normally and electrical equipment is normal;

5. There is no air in the cylinder and the sealing ring is well sealed.

Preparation before startup

1. Turn on the main power switch and start the low-pressure pump to make the accumulator reach the required working pressure;

2. Open the heat transfer oil valve, close the heat transfer oil bypass circulation valve, and heat the hot pressing plate to the process temperature;

3. Start the transporters of the base plate circulation system;

4. According to the process requirements, adjust the time of each time controller and the upper and lower limit pointer position of pressure gauge (if the total pressure changes greatly, the pressure regulating mechanism of unloading valve and safety valve should also be adjusted);

Start up, operation and shutdown:

1. Start the oil pump motor of the plate loading machine and the dynamic plate feeding conveyor, and the slabs after assembling enter into the plate loading machine;

2. When the loading machine is full and the wet slab is loaded into the hot press at one time, start the relevant motors of the hydraulic pump system, open the switches of solenoid valves and time controllers, close the press and start to boost the pressure;

3. When automatic operation is required, turn on the corresponding automatic control switch;

4. During manual operation, the pressure is raised and maintained according to the process requirements, and the pressure reducing valve is opened at the end of the hot pressing cycle;