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Grasp the skills of the rotary cutter machine to improve efficiency

25 Oct,2019

No matter what woodworking machinery you use, the ability to really play it out is based on understanding the performance of the equipment, familiarizing with the operation of the equipment, and mastering the operation skills in use, so as to improve the efficiency of production.
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Do not rub, lubricate or maintain the equipment during operation to avoid danger. It is not allowed to drink alcohol or take drugs during working hours. Check whether the parts of the machine are normal before starting, and whether there are any damaged parts. If you have to replace it before using it. The wood shaft should be removed after the wood is cut, but it cannot be taken by hand. It should be removed with a wooden stick. Have good habits for the maintenance of the equipment, small maintenance every day, and regular maintenance once to ensure that the machine can be used better.
The operation skills are slowly accumulated during the normal use process, and are related to each person's operating habits. The simplification of complicated things is the skill. Linyi Guoyu Machinery Co., Ltd. can solve various rotary cutting problems for users. Welcome advisory.
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