Plywood manufacturing process in plywood machine

1.     where is the raw materials come from?
   The materials of plywood are varied logs,such as poplar,eucalyputs,pine,birch,rubber,falcata, meranti,etc,their origins are in different countries and areas.
2.     How to make logs into veneers by plywood machine?
  Firstly,the barks of logs need to be removed in the help of debarker machine,it also make the logs round,clean and smooth.after this, the logs peeled into thin sheets on the process of rotary,then cut into piece by piece with clipper inside the peeling machines.
3.     How the veneers become baseboard
 The veneers coated with glue by glue spreader,then pressed together in cold press machine.the workers put the board into hot press machines,the veneers and glue bonding tightly in huge pressure and heat.
4.     How to make the baseboard smooth by plywood machine?
 The baseboard need to be flat before laminated face/back veneers,so it need to add putty and sanding in sander machines.
5.     how to laminate the face/back veneers on baseboard?
 The flat baseboard was laminated with face/back veneers and put into the hot press machines again,so the face/back veneers coated in the baseboard tightly.
6.     why it need sander again?
 The plywood surface need to be polished in sander machines to become furniture or decoration grade plywood for next-step application.
7.     How the plywood become final size?
 The plywood need to be cut into specified size,such as 4*8ft,3*7ft,3*6ft,etc by trimming saws.