A new structure design of veneer card rotary cutting machine

Veneer with card rotary cutting machine is a kind of equipment for peeling wood and processing thin wood products. CNC rotary cutting machine is a new product in recent years. It is of great significance to improve the transmission structure, simplify the control method and reduce the production cost for the current development of CNC rotary cutting machinery.

During rotary cutting, the wood section is stuck between the two feeding rollers and the pressure gauge by the feeder. The main rotation movement of the wood section is driven by the rotating roller. At the same time, the linear movement of the roller pushes the wood section to do the feeding movement relative to the cutter. There are two kinds of rotary cutting machines, one is the non clamping machine, the other is the non clamping machine. In the process of rotary cutting, the cutting tool only does cutting vibration and does not do feeding movement. The characteristic of this rotary cutting method is that the wood section is positioned by the feeding roller and the pressure gauge without clamping the shaft.

Clamping is not affected by the quality of the core wood of the rotary cutting wood section, which can reduce the diameter of the rotary cutting wood section and improve the utilization rate of the wood. The machine can also spin cut small-diameter wood, and the structure of the machine is simple, the manufacturing cost is low, which is beneficial to promotion. Because the single board has the card rotary cutting machine's cutter does not need the feed movement, it is easy to realize the vibration cutting, reduces the cutting power, reduces the machine tool power loss.