Advantages of vertical panel splicing machine

The advantages of the vertical panel splicing machine, the full core ecological board, are compared with the traditional ecological board.

Advantages of vertical panel splicing machine

Advantage 1: less labor. For the production of ecological boards with the same output, about 15% fewer workers should be used.

Advantage 2: the labor intensity of workers is low. Pave with 8-foot glue applicator.

Advantage 3: low requirements for workers' labor skills. Because we use equipment to control quality.

Advantage 4: stable product quality.

Advantage 5: lower requirements for managers (workshop managers).

Advantage 6: no increase in cost. Layer by layer core, glue and line increase cost 4.5 yuan. The labor cost is reduced by 1.6 yuan, the product quality is stable, the market price is increased by 3 to 5 yuan, and the raw materials are saved by 1 to 2 yuan.