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How to make the life of hot press machinery longer

03 Mar,2020

Now Linyi hot press is widely used in wood processing and building materials decoration industries, its hot pressing system heating up faster, heating system, heat conduction system faster.
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Moreover, the heat conduction area of the hot press is very uniform, and the energy consumption is relatively low, thus meeting the technical requirements of various processes requiring veneer production. In the process of using, when adding lubricating oil in time, we must change the lubricating oil of the hot press regularly. We should also pay attention to wiping the surface of the hot press and cleaning up the remaining impurities in use. Adequate maintenance work can keep the equipment in perfect condition and facilitate smooth operation in production. At the same time, avoid overuse of the hot press, give the hot press enough time to rest and reduce the wear degree of the equipment.
Only in this way can we ensure that the hot press can be used for a longer time, even when not in use, we should pay attention to its maintenance work.
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