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How to ensure the operation safety of hot press

17 Aug,2021

The equipment of hot press manufacturers is widely used in the wood industry, which plays a vital role in log production. Operators must pay attention to safety problems during operation.

How to ensure the operation safety of hot press

According to the production requirements of the hot press, adjust various mechanical parameters, and start up and run after confirmation. Before starting the machine, carefully check whether all parts of the machine are in good condition and whether the lubrication is sufficient. When the hot press is running, do not disconnect the load. During the operation of the equipment, do not adjust the mechanical parameters. During the operation of the machinery, carefully observe the operation state of the machinery. If any abnormality is found, stop the machine for inspection.

In addition, the operators on the machine must wear professional work clothes for mechanical operation, and they can't get on the machine and blanking immediately after completion. They can't operate until the machine stops completely.

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