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What should be paid attention to when using the veneer peeling machine

03 Sep,2020

Veneer peeling machine manufacturer products are more popular, in the operation of what do not need to pay attention to is what, now we have to carefully understand it?

What should be paid attention to when using the veneer peeling machine

In fact, when we operate, our operators need to be trained and master the operation essentials of the equipment before they can work. Operate in strict accordance with the safety operation regulations of the equipment. Before operation, the mechanical equipment should be inspected for safety, and it can be put into use only after it is confirmed to be normal. The safety protection device of mechanical equipment must be used correctly according to the regulations. It is not allowed to use it or remove it. Whether the dangerous mechanical equipment is equipped with safety protection device depends on whether the equipment can prevent any part of the operator's body from entering the dangerous area, or ensure that the equipment can not operate (operate) or can make emergency braking when entering the dangerous area.

Personal protective equipment must be worn properly. People with long hair must wear work cap, three tight work clothes, necklace and other hanging objects, and gloves are not allowed to operate veneer peeling machine tools.

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