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What is the effect of adjusting the rotary cutter

18 Aug,2020

Cutter is an important part of rotary cutting machine, it manages the quality of wood chips, so as wood processing personnel must learn how to adjust the cutter. Now we follow the rotary cutting machine manufacturers to understand this aspect of knowledge introduction?

What is the effect of adjusting the rotary cutter

The width of the chip is formed by natural fracture, which depends on the transverse shear strength of the raw material, which is slightly smaller than the length of the chip in general; the length of the blade extension determines the thickness of the finished wood chip, and the thickness of the finished wood chip can be adjusted by controlling the extension length; No matter the rotary cutter or the disc chipper is used, all the blades should have the same protrusion, and the distance between the flying knife and the bottom knife should be kept accurately.

If the distance between the cutter and the fixed knife of the rotary cutter manufacturer is not well controlled, the moving knife will collide or bite with the fixed knife in the process of use. This is very dangerous for production, which will cause fatal impact on the chip machine and pose a threat to the operators. Therefore, manual rotation and debugging are required after adjustment.

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