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How to adjust the card free rotary cutting machine

20 Aug,2020

Card free rotary cutting machine is one of the boards that we use in the wood industry. In order to ensure the quality of the products, there are many matters needing attention. Now let's carefully understand the knowledge in this respect?

Because we know that after the equipment is manufactured for a period of time, some small problems will appear in the product. At this time, we need to pay attention to solve them. After using the blade for a period of time, the blade edge wear will seriously affect the quality of the sheet, and the blade needs to be disassembled and polished with a plane grinder. All sliding and rotating parts of the rotary cutting machine should be lubricated at all times, and the grease fitting should be filled with grease regularly.

We also need to regularly check the bolt tightening condition of each department of the card free rotary cutting machine, and fasten the loose bolt in time, so as to ensure the quality of the plate and prolong the service life of the machine.

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