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What is the correct way to do when the edge saw breaks down

12 Sep,2020

There will inevitably be some problems when the machine is working. Of course, the edge sawing machine will not avoid it. The main reason is that some parts will be worn away slowly, which will lead to some unexpected problems. Maybe in all the problems, the creaking and creaking should be met. Let's focus on how to deal with the noise of the edge saw.

What is the correct way to do when the edge saw breaks down

In general, if something used rings, we must think that there is too much friction force. We need to lubricate it with a little oil. If it is not for this reason, it may be that the screw is loose, and the work is caused by collision or other reasons. Screw problem, or need professional technical personnel to operate, you do not operate in private, this practice is very dangerous. If it is found that there is obvious deceleration or knife clamping phenomenon during the operation of the edge saw, it should be adjusted in time. The reasons for this situation are various, such as belt slipping, nut loosening, too late cutting depth or too fast cutting speed.

Mechanical maintenance is very important, for some aging parts or defective parts to be replaced in time, which is an important guarantee for the smooth operation of the machine.

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