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How to maintain veneer rotary cutter

24 Aug,2020

As we all know, veneer rotary cutting machine is very important for the wood industry, and has played a great role in promoting the development and progress of the wood industry. But its wear and tear is also very serious, which requires us to carry out the correct maintenance and maintenance, now let's learn about it?

How to maintain veneer rotary cutter

Because the working environment of the rotary cutting machine is very bad, it will inevitably cause damage to the equipment to a certain extent, and the service life is also greatly damaged. Before using, you should carefully read the product manual, fully understand the function and use method of the rotary cutter, and then install and debug it. Before formal use, all parts should be carefully checked. All fasteners should be in a locked state and rotate smoothly. Thirdly, the lubricating parts of the rotary cutting machine should be filled with lubricating oil regularly.

In order to ensure the quality of products, it is necessary to place them in the appropriate environment, which plays a very good role in ensuring the performance of products and brings great benefits.

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