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How to avoid cracking of wood board in drying process

06 Feb,2021

Wood contains more moisture, which is not conducive to storage and production of wood, so it needs to be dried. This time we need wood dryer, wood dryer is widely used in life, there are many problems in the drying process need people to pay attention to, the following is how to avoid cracking in the drying process of several anti cracking measures.

How to avoid cracking of wood board in drying process

High temperature qualitative treatment is a way to reduce internal cracking of wood. For wood with internal cracking, high temperature and high humidity treatment is carried out before the end of drying process to eliminate the residual deformation of wood surface stretching. The manufacturer of wood dryer reminds you that during the treatment process, the compression residual deformation of wood surface is generated by humidification and expansion, which offsets the original residual deformation of stretching, resulting in internal cracking of wood The situation was checked.

Mechanical crack prevention is mainly aimed at the dried wood. The end can be tied with iron wire, and then fixed with combined nail board and anti crack ring. This mechanical way can prevent the expansion and contraction of wood, and avoid the occurrence of wood cracking. Wood drying equipment manufacturers remind you, in order to ensure the quality of wood drying, please do a good job in advance to crack response measures.

Wood dryer is convenient for people to dry wood. The use of wood in the field of life is gradually increasing, and the use of wood in the field of construction is gradually increasing. When using wood, wood will be dried. Wood dryer can dry wet wood, and carry out the next wood operation. The wood dryer sold by the manufacturer is convenient, and the convenience of the product field makes it convenient Use.

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