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Safety operation rules for wood veneer peeling machine

22 Sep,2020

Wood veneer peeling machine is a necessary production equipment for plywood enterprises, but the operation of this machine requires a lot of safety operation procedures. In order to better use the machinery.

Safety operation rules for wood veneer peeling machine

1、 Operators must undergo strict on-the-job training and safety training before taking up their posts, and can operate the equipment after passing the examination.

2、 When working, the operators should concentrate on their thoughts, be sensitive in their hands and feet, tie their sleeves tightly, and wear corresponding protective equipment.

3、 Before starting, check whether the handle position is correct, whether the limit protection measures are in good condition, and whether the tightness of belt and chain is appropriate.

4、 According to the process requirements, adjust the thickness of rotary cutting, and start the machine after confirming that there is no error. It is strictly forbidden to adjust the rotary cutting thickness after starting.

5、 Start the machine and idle for 1-2 minutes. After confirming that there is no normal operation, the work can be started formally.

6、 The power must be cut off when clamping materials. The clamping must be firm.

7、 When the operator leaves the machine for some reason, the power must be cut off.

8、 After work, cut off the power supply, clean the equipment and the surrounding sanitation.

9、 In case of any abnormality in the operation of the equipment, it shall be stopped immediately and the professional maintenance personnel shall be informed for maintenance, and the machine can be started only after troubleshooting.

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