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Influence of wear on vulnerable parts of wood rotary cutting machine

13 Aug,2020

The wood rotary cutting machine is used to process a certain length and diameter of wood segments into continuous veneer strips for the production of plywood, veneer and other wood-based panel veneers. Now we follow the rotary cutting machine manufacturers to understand it?

Feed screw or nut wear tool holder will be loose, at this time the veneer thickness will be different. Wear of the shaft and sleeve will make the shaft loose, which will cause non-circular rotation, and also cause different thickness of veneer. The wear of the main slideway will change the cutting angle of the wood rotary cutting tool during the wood rotary cutting, resulting in the thickness of the outer single plate, the thin inner ring, or wavy shape. The pressure gauge holder or tool holder surface is seriously worn, and horizontal sliding will occur. During rotary cutting, the wood will push the pressure gauge back, which will increase the gap of the knife door, resulting in insufficient pressure on the veneer by the pressure gauge, and the veneer produced by rotary cutting is rough.

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