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Correct treatment of common faults of rotary cutting machine

04 Aug,2020

Wood veneer machine is the main machine to produce veneer. Wood production and processing need to consume a lot of strength and energy of the rotary cutter, so the failure of the rotary cutter is a common thing. The existence of the fault will not only delay the work process, but also cause unnecessary losses, and then the rotary cutting machine manufacturer will teach you how to correctly deal with the failure of the rotary cutting machine.

Correct treatment of common faults of rotary cutting machine

How to adjust the slice thickness of the rotary cutting machine: use a triangular ruler (500 * 250mm) to lean against the upper and inner sides of the double flower roller of the rotary cutting machine, and use a ruler (150 mm) to stand against the top of the single flower roller. Observe the value at the junction of the lower edge of the triangle ruler and the ruler. When the leather thickness is 1.0 mm-2.0 mm, take 35 mm-36 mm. If the leather thickness specification is less than 1.0 mm, the reading value will be increased accordingly When mm is above, the reading value decreases correspondingly.

The treatment method of thin and thick veneer: high or low knife height, inconsistency between knife seam and feed change wheel, and the internal and external surface of wood. Solution: refer to the adjustment chart to adjust the height of the knife, adjust to the seam and change the wheel, change the wood.

How to deal with the problem of automatic feed during normal rotary cutting and time advance and stop:


(1) Virtual connection of feed circuit;

(2) The electromagnetic clutch plate slips and the knife is too high.


(1) Check whether the feed line is connected falsely;

(2) Clean the clutch plate with gasoline or diesel oil and adjust the knife height. Treatment method of sheet thickness before and after: cause: low knife, too small seam. Solution: refer to the tool adjustment diagram, adjust the knife height and seam.

In short, the production process of failure is inevitable, as long as we grasp the size, scientific and proper handling of the problem, solve the problem, even if there is a fault, there is nothing to worry about.

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