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Selection and use of veneer dryer

17 Jul,2020

With the wide application of wood, wood manufacturers pay more and more attention to the quality of wood. However, the long-term accumulation of wood in the warehouse or due to rain and other conditions become wet. It is necessary to use the veneer dryer in time. Dry the veneer. Therefore, the veneer dryer has been widely used.

Selection and use of veneer dryer

Today, we introduce the veneer dryer produced by Linyi Guoyu machinery manufacturing company.

It is composed of automatic control system, drying system, transmission system and control system. Only by inputting drying instructions, it can realize automatic control of the machine through PLC, and realize intelligent automatic adjustment of wind speed, feeding speed and machine temperature. The machine adopts direct air circulation for drying. It is equipped with steel aluminum compound rolling plate radiator, which can discharge the hot air through the bellows nozzle in time. Its control system has three kinds: manual, stepless speed change, automatic computer control for customers to choose. In addition, its heat source has two modes for customers to choose: steam stove and hot blast stove. Can fully meet the choice of customers.

In appearance, it is a metal shell, rock wool insulation, and brickwork. If the customer has the demand, can also carry on the old machine shape transformation. In terms of specifications, the width of imported materials ranges from 1.35 meters to 3 meters. The size of the dry single board is 0.3 mm to 5.0 mm. Of course, it also has a variety of models for customers to choose from.

The veneer dryer produced by Guoyu machinery has been at the leading level in China. And has obtained the customer's consistent high praise. For example, the use of the company's veneer dryer for a year, about customers can save water, electricity, coal and other costs of nearly 100000 yuan. The cost performance ratio is higher than that of other manufacturers. Not only that, Guoyu machinery's production and manufacturing requirements are very strict, for unqualified products resolutely not to sell. Therefore, the shelf life of veneer dryer is higher than that of other manufacturers. Let the customer buy at ease, use at ease.

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