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Causes of sticking when using wood non card rotary cutting machine

16 Jul,2020

Card free rotary cutting machine is one of the equipment that we use to make wood. Using it can effectively improve the use efficiency, but we find that it will be stuck in the process of using. What is the reason for this?

In fact, in this case, the power should be cut off immediately to check whether all parts are loose, or the saw blade has been used for too long and is not sharp, and the belt is slipping or damaged. Adjust and replace it according to the situation, or the wood processed is too hard, the machine is too hard, and the machine power is small, which may cause stuck, the cutter head installation angle, or not sharp enough, depending on the situation Therefore, the cause of the problem will be found after one by one investigation. Do not disassemble blindly, avoid secondary damage, and solve the fundamental problem by the right remedy.

Because the material of the product is metal, in order to ensure the quality of the product, it is necessary to maintain it after a period of time, which can prolong the life of the product and bring us great benefits.

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