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Operation method of plywood machinery hot press

14 Jul,2020

Hot press is often used in the production of machinery, can also be said to be the most widely used equipment in the wood-based panel industry, and how to operate the hot pressing board after purchase? Next, let's take a look at the specific operation methods.

Operation method of plywood machinery hot press

1. Turn on the power supply of the hot press and check whether the equipment parameters are within the specified range;

2. Put the hot pressed product into the hot pressing fixture to fix it well. Do not touch the hot pressed aluminum plate with both hands to prevent scalding;

3. Leave both hands out of the aluminum plate range of the hot press, and press the hot pressing switch to press it down after checking that there is no abnormal condition;

4. When the hot press reaches the specified time, it will rise automatically. In case of abnormal situation, press the emergency switch quickly;

5. Do not stack any sundries above the hot press or beside the switch to prevent danger.

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