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Common problems of rotary cutting machine console

13 Jul,2020

(1) The height of the control panel is boom, which does not match the height of human elbow, which is on the low side;

(2) The corrected eye height of adult male NIT in Chapter 2 was 1613 MM1! Disc, and the visual distance from the operator to the control panel was 805mm

(3) The vertical viewing angle of the control panel is 57 '- 76', as shown in Figure 2-9, In fact, due to the change of distance, the vertical angle of view has changed, but the change is not big). 76 'has exceeded the limit of human's vertical field of vision, which is unreasonable: "the tilt angle of control panel is 40', and the line OA and AB in the right figure of Fig. 2 are 97 ', and human observation does not reach the maximum. We should increase the height of control console or reduce the inclination angle of 40' to ensure that the vertical foot of human line of sight falls in the middle of line ab

(5) The concave type control panel with caster angle is not comfortable for people in actual operation. The width is 355%, which is too small. It is limited when working with special hands. It often scrapes hands and hands and is easy to be injured

(6) The protruding part at the bottom of the console is 170mm, there is no foot space, and the operator is far away from the control panel. There is no support on the elbow during operation, which makes people feel tired

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