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How to deal with the opportunity and failure of automatic tool grinding

10 Jul,2020

When we use the full-automatic grinder, sometimes we will encounter grinding failure. Once this happens, there will be plastic deformation, wear, fatigue, fracture and cracking and other phenomena. Today we will learn how to deal with the new situation.

First of all, the reasonable selection of grinding parameters and the increase of the speed of the workpiece and the grinding wheel can also reduce the occurrence of cutting heat; the second is the reasonable selection and dressing of grinding wheel. The grinding wheel with white corundum is better, its performance is hard and brittle, and it is easy to produce new cutting edge. In addition, the hardness of the grinding wheel is medium soft and soft, that is, the coarse-grained and low hardness grinding wheel has good self-excited property, which can reduce the cutting heat.

In short, in the grinding operation of the grinder, we should pay attention to the grinding process, reduce the grinding micro cracks and residual stress to a low limit, so as to improve the service life of the grinding wheel. I hope the above contents can help you. We will serve you wholeheartedly. If you need to buy grinder, please contact us. We will serve you wholeheartedly and look forward to your visit.

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