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How to prevent the deformation of wood rotary cutting machine

07 Jul,2020

Card free rotary cutting machine is one of the equipment that we often use in the wood industry. This kind of equipment is easy to have problems in the use process. Now let's carefully understand the knowledge introduction in this respect?

In fact, when operating the wood machienry equipment, our operators need to stand a few meters away from the equipment. It is strictly forbidden to stand within the prohibited range. After adjusting the specifications of the wood, it can not be adjusted again after entering the machine. The speed of entering the machine should be symmetrical and not too fierce. If the wood is not allowed to rest assured, it will spin out the intermittent double board, resulting in damage, can not be sustainable production and manufacturing. The wood with bending wood will also spin out the broken double board from time to time. To check the management status of machinery and equipment, whether the installation of components is appropriate. After the rotary cutting machine is carried out, the remaining wooden shaft on the rotary cutting machine must be removed with wooden stick and other small tools. Remember that it can not be carried by hand to avoid risks.

Because the material of the card free rotary cutting machine is metal, in order to ensure the quality of the product, it needs to be placed in the appropriate environment, which can effectively extend the life of the product and play a role in maintaining the product quality from the side.

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