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What's the difference between a rotary cutter without a card and with a card

07 Jul,2020

People who have used the rotary cutting machine know that there are two kinds of rotary cutting machines: card and non card. What is the difference between them. Let's study it carefully, hoping to help you choose the right machine.

The card rotary cutting machine is a kind of traditional machinery originally invented. There is a clamping core in the machine. If the card core is smaller than a certain diameter, the rotary cutting machine can not rotate. But we often have to cut wood with smaller diameter, so this kind of rotary cutting machine has great limitations. And this kind of rotary cutting machine often appears the phenomenon of knife jumping, which leads to the thickness of the board is large, and the utilization rate of wood is low. In order to realize the saving of wood and improve the utilization rate, the paperless rotary cutting machine is invented. It can cut the log with smaller diameter into veneer, and the utilization rate of wood is greatly improved. Moreover, the mechanical cutting system is very flexible, which further improves the degree of automation.

To sum up, the card free rotary cutter has the advantages that the card rotary cutter can not compare, the system is simple, the rotary cutting wood flow is smooth, the precision is high, the utilization rate of wood is improved, and the cost is saved very well.

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