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Causes of common faults of veneer peeling machine

07 Jul,2020

Veneer peeling machine manufacturer's products are often used in the board and furniture factory. The main function is to cut the board. In the process of using, sometimes there will be some faults. What is the cause?

Causes of common faults of veneer peeling machine

One of the problems that often occurs is the uneven cutting of the thickness of the plate. This is because the height of the cutting tool is not well controlled. This problem can occur when the tool is too high or too low. We should adjust the height of the cutter at a suitable position and then operate. In addition, the power supply is often turned on, and the indicator light is on, but the rotary cutter cannot be started. This is caused by the virtual connection of the main control line of the power supply. At this time, we need to overhaul the power supply. In addition, many people will find that the plate can not be connected when using. The reason for this fault is that the height of the rotary cutter is not consistent, and the tool change wheel and the knife seam are not well matched.

In the use of rotary cutting machine, although there will be a lot of problems, but we do not have to be impatient, careful analysis of the reasons, and then one by one to solve it.

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