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How to solve the rust problem of the automatic vertical and horizontal edge saw?

06 Jul,2020

In the production of full-automatic vertical and horizontal saw edge machine products, many parts and components are made of some metal materials. However, if the general metal materials encounter oxygen in the air, iron will react with oxygen, so it will rust. So, what is the solution to this kind of product rust?

In general, the manufacturer will heat treat the processing technology of the product, and add some salt during the processing, but the melting point of different salt is different. Therefore, if you want to master the composition of heating, you can better control the temperature of the liquid, and then prevent the decarburization of the parts under the action of high temperature.

The workpiece on this kind of machine is immersed in the action of salt, heated, and then cooled, there will be a layer of salt film on the workpiece, so that in the process of use, the surface will not oxidize when encountering air, so that the automatic edge sawing machine can be used better.

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