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Introduction to maintenance of automatic edge sawing machine

06 Jul,2020

In the process of using the roller automatic edge sawing machine, we should carry out certain maintenance on it. Let's learn about the relevant knowledge together.

Introduction to maintenance of automatic edge sawing machine

Saw blade replacement. Generally speaking, the conventional saw blade can support continuous cutting for about two days, and then the sawtooth passivation will appear due to the continuous cutting edge, and then the burr on the edge of the board will increase, which will affect the quality and appearance of the product. Infrared calibration. The automatic edge sawing machine of numerical control technology is controlled by infrared ray, so the regular calibration of infrared device can effectively improve the cutting accuracy of machinery.

The chain must be oiled regularly in the process of using automatic edge sawing machine. Increase the lubrication degree of the chain and improve the smooth operation of the machine.

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