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Why does the mechanical veneer cutter produce noise

06 Jul,2020

The products of plywood machinery manufacturers are widely used in the wood industry. They are mainly used to produce plywood. However, the noise problem will occur after a long time of use. What is the reason for this?

Why does the mechanical veneer cutter produce noise

It is understood that there are many reasons for the noise of plywood mechanical rotary cutting machine. The first reason is that the bearing is in the continuous temperature rise and the noise of the bearing part. The main reason for this problem is that the motor rotor and the wood flour machine rotor are not concentric, which will make the bearing bear extra load impact, resulting in the bearing overheating, which causes the bearing to emit a lot of noise in the continuous temperature rise Secondly, the ring mold is blocked, or only part of the die hole is discharged, foreign matters enter the ring mold, the ring mold is out of roundness, the gap between the press roll and the die is too tight, the pressure roller is worn or the pressure roller bearing is damaged and can not rotate, which will produce mechanical vibration and noise.

In addition, the coupling correction is unbalanced, there is a deviation between the high and low, the machinery will vibrate, and the gear shaft oil seal is easy to be damaged, which will cause the rotary cutter noise.

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