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Why do plywood machines wear?

06 Jul,2020

Any equipment used for a long time, there will be wear problems, plywood machinery is no exception, wear is a more common phenomenon, next we will understand the relevant reasons.

Why do plywood machines wear?

The mechanical wear of plywood is mainly due to the uneven thickness of logs, which makes the rotary cutting discontinuous, that is to say, a part of the broken veneer can not be used. The clamping head of the plywood machinery clamps the two ends of the wood section and produces end loss, which will lead to the blunt knife of the rotary cutter and reduce the speed of rotary cutting. Sometimes, the quality of the board will be affected, as well as the loss of wood core The waste produced by rotary cutting is broken veneer and wood core, which leads to the waste of wood resources.

It should be noted that before using the rotary cutting machine, it is necessary to carefully read the product manual, and after fully understanding the function and use method of the rotary cutting machine, the installation and debugging can be carried out. Moreover, before starting the rotary cutting machine, all parts should be carefully checked to ensure that all fasteners are in a reliable locking state, and there will be no blocking phenomenon when rotating parts, so as to avoid the influence use.

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