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How to solve the problem of rotary cutting machine jamming

03 Jul,2020

The rotary cutting machine manufacturer's machinery and equipment will inevitably encounter some problems in the process of operation, such as stuck situation, how to solve this?

How to solve the problem of rotary cutting machine jamming

If the rotary cutter is stuck, it is necessary to stop the machine and cut off the power, and then check the cause of the jamming. Generally, it is necessary to check whether the saw blade is not tightened, or the saw blade is not sharp for a long time, or the belt is slipping or damaged. Adjust and replace it according to the situation, or the hardness of the processed wood is too high, the machine is too hard, and the machine power is small, resulting in stuck, and the installation angle of the cutter head If the problem is not sharp enough, it should be handled according to the situation, and the cause of the problem will be found after checking one by one. Do not disassemble blindly to avoid secondary damage, and the fundamental problem can be solved by applying the right medicine to the case.

Before the rotary cutting machine is started, it is necessary to ensure that the parts are correctly installed and familiar with the operation of the machine. The articles that have nothing to do with the equipment should be taken away from the equipment. When the rotary cutting is to the end, use a small wooden shaft or other objects to knock off the remaining wooden shaft. Do not use hands to hold the wooden shaft to avoid danger.

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