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Comprehensive knowledge of plywood machinery

01 Jul,2020

The types of plywood machinery in the market has become more and more diversified, mechanization, plywood machinery in the market how to develop, in order to win a place in this competitive market. More knowledge of plywood machinery needs our continuous learning, in order to buy their own better plywood machinery, in order to inject continuous power for our development.

First of all, the advantages of plywood machinery

Increase the diameter of single roller and double roller, and increase the peeling speed. The surface of single roller and double roller is plated with chromium to improve the wear resistance of roller. After many experiments and theoretical combination, the surface of the drum adopts the Pythagorean straight groove, which makes it difficult for the wood veneer to wind the drum and improves the productivity. Hydraulic power station scientific and reasonable configuration, using manual self reset directional valve, rapid response, simple operation, easy maintenance, low technical requirements for operators. The technical requirements for workers are not high.

The internal technology research and development of large gear rotary cutter requires our enterprises to train their own designers, establish product design and development center, and continuously inject new elements into the brand. On the basis of ensuring its quality, the large gear rotary cutter has new design innovation, which greatly improves our production efficiency and gets the high level of consumers Degree evaluation, promote the development of large gear cutting machine to a higher direction.

Finally, the main points of selecting and purchasing the veneer raking machine are as follows:

1. Have a comprehensive understanding of plywood machinery.

2. Field investigation and repeated comparison.

3. Shop around and don't listen to the sales staff.

4. According to their own needs to choose the most suitable for the current enterprise production needs.

5. Choose a manufacturer with good reputation and strong strength, and its after-sales service is better.

A more comprehensive understanding of plywood machinery is also dedicated to our development. We can only focus on the plywood machinery, which will benefit us and bring us greater economic benefits.


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