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How to do the daily inspection of numerical control skin cutting machine

28 Jun,2020

Some researchers have carried out some experiments on what kind of maintenance rate is the best. At last, it is proved that the daily maintenance is the best, taking the numerical control skin cutting machine as an example.

Daily maintenance includes three stages. First, before starting work every day, check the CNC skin guillotine before operation to see if it works normally. Then, during operation, pay attention to whether all data of the mechanical equipment are normal. In case of any abnormality, immediately stop the CNC skin guillotine and check it to prevent business injury and staff injury 。 Finally, check after use. After the machine is shut down, in addition to hearing whether the sound of the mechanical equipment shutdown is normal, clean it to prevent the debris from affecting the mechanical equipment.

In addition to the daily inspection of the above three stages, the staff must be responsible for the daily diary record of the CNC skin cutting machine, so that any abnormality can be recorded for maintenance.

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