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What parts are used to heat the hot press

23 Jun,2020

The equipment of the hot press manufacturer is widely used in the production and processing industry. We all know that it is used to heat products and other processing, so what kind of equipment is used for heating? What are the characteristics.

The old way is to directly heat the electric heating rod embedded in the hot pressing die or the hot pressing plate, but the heating is uneven, the temperature control accuracy is not high, and the electric heating rod is easy to burn out. Now, the heat-transfer oil heater is widely used to indirectly heat the hot pressing die or hot pressing plate, which can be circularly heated, uniformly heated, with high temperature control accuracy, and the electric heating rod is not easy to burn out. We can choose the appropriate specification power according to our own needs.

Of course, we should also pay attention to the use or maintenance of the equipment, so as to better play its role. We also need to pay attention to the safety problem to prevent accidents.

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