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Common heating methods of hot press

23 Jun,2020

Hot press is the mechanical equipment often used in the production of sheet metal. Hot press is used to press the sheet metal, so the heating method is concerned by everyone. Let's learn about the common heating method of hot press together with the manufacturer of hot press.

Common heating methods of hot press

Steam heating and electric heating are common. Let's talk about these two characteristics. Steam heating is relatively fast, but it needs to be equipped with a pressure boiler. The pipeline pressure is high, and the steam is easy to condense into water, resulting in uneven plate temperature. Electric heating also has obvious advantages, such as fast heating, high heating temperature, simple control and other features, but the power consumption is large, the cost of work is high, and the resistance wire is easy to be damaged and hard to replace when it is used.

Another clock is the heating method of heat transfer oil, which has the advantages of high heat capacity and even temperature. It can be heated to a very high temperature under normal pressure, and the heat loss is relatively small, which can reduce the production cost. However, this method also has disadvantages, that is, the heating speed is slow, and the temperature is not well controlled.

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