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How to reduce noise for plywood machinery

23 Jun,2020

Plywood machinery manufacturers here can use the equipment in various places, but in the process of its operation, if we can do it to reduce noise? Today we will give you a brief introduction of this knowledge!

The sound of the equipment is very loud, which will directly affect people's life, so it is very important to reduce the noise of the equipment in daily life. In normal times, to reduce the noise of the equipment, it is necessary to install the ceiling of the sound-absorbing material in the large workshop with a height of 6m, and the tall and long workshop. If the width is less than the height, the sound-absorbing boards should also be installed on the walls on both sides, and the height of the workshop is too high When it is over 6m, the ceiling with sound absorption shall be installed above the woodworking machine tool. In this way, they all have the same effect.

Of course, there are many ways. We can learn more about this knowledge when we are producing and processing, so as to make our processing environment more reasonable.

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