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How to make the temperature of hot press rise rapidly

23 Jun,2020

The products of hot press manufacturers are the mechanical equipment that we often use in the processing industry. Its working principle is to construct the products by hot pressing. But in the process of using, in order to increase efficiency, we hope that he can quickly rise and fall the temperature, so how to do?

How to make the temperature of hot press rise rapidly

There are generally two ways for the temperature of the hot press to rise and fall rapidly. First of all, the working temperature below 180 ℃ can be heated by steam and cooled by cooling water. In this way, it is the most direct way to use the physical principle to raise and lower the temperature quickly. Or it can be heated by using hot oil as heat transfer medium. Of course, it would be more expensive to do so.

When we operate and use it, we should make corresponding choices according to the specific environment. Of course, in order to ensure the service life of the equipment, we should pay attention to the correct operation, as well as maintenance.

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